If you need financial assistance for certain wrestling expenses, please submit your request using the TSWWF Financial Assistance Request Form 2017-18.   This form is specifically designed for any young wrestler to request specific dollar amounts to help make it possible for him or her to participate in a wrestling program.  Fill it out completely and be sure to obtain the requested authorized signatures. Then submit it either electronically or via first-class mail to:

TSWWF, P.O. Box 297, Oregon City, OR 97045

All requests will receive careful consideration as quickly as possible, and we will respond as soon as possible. Our preference is that you allow several weeks for processing.   If you have questions regarding any part of the form, your coach can help you or you can email your questions to TSWWF at:

We are here to assist you to become part of Tyrone’s Team and get you on the mat.  Just contact us and we will respond!