Until the fall of 2017 and the start of that wrestling season, we will not be accepting any future FARF submissions.  Please check back here for additional information, dates, and a revised form that will be used for the 2017-18 season.

This past season, in only our second year of existence, we were pleased to be able to provide financial assistance for a number of wrestlers to help with their travel expenses to dual meets and tournaments as well as help with pay-to-play fees. With the continued support of our dedicated and selfless donors from all over the country, TSWWF will continue to grow and develop.  As this happens, we will also work hard to make our processes better and put in place new strategies and ways in which we can support more of Tyrone’s Wrestlers for the coming season.  Your suggestions are always welcomed!

Please remember to check back for new information.  If you have questions, please email us at:  info@tyronewoodswrestlingfoundation.org

Thank you!

Financial Assistance Form   (TO BE REPLACED)

The Financial Assistance Request Form (FARF) is a resource to use if some assistance is needed in order for a wrestler to participate in a wrestling program.  Simply fill it out and submit it electronically or mail it to TSWWF, P.O. Box 297, Oregon City, OR 97045.   All requests will receive careful consideration as quickly as possible with a response.  If you have questions, your coach can help or you can email TSWWF at:  info@tyronewoodswrestlingfoundation.org for specific answers.

We are here to help make it possible for you to be part of a wrestling team.  Just contact us and we will respond!