Provide funding for program expenses such as pay-to-play, equipment, wrestling shoes, head gear, mats, and transportation to tournaments, among other expenses.


Annual recognition of the most outstanding Oregon high school wrestler by awarding the Tyrone S. Woods Memorial Trophy based on academic excellence, citizenship, and wrestling achievements.


Mentor youth wrestlers to learn the value of discipline, loyalty, and perseverance as well as the benefits of developing good character, demonstrating sportsmanship, and engaging in community service — all learned and promoted through the sport of wrestling.

Why A Wrestling Foundation?

Tyrone Snowden WoodsTSWWF was established in 2015 after a chance meeting in Oregon City between Tyrone’s mom, Cheryl, and Coach Roger Rolen of OCHS. Roger told her that in 2009 Tyrone returned to his high school and gave an amazing inspirational talk to his global studies classes, not about being in the Navy or being a Navy SEAL, but about the influence that OCHS and the wrestling team had on making him the man he eventually became.

His message was to “BE PASSIONATE ABOUT SOMETHING” and to “GO DO IT.” Based on that event, TSWWF was formed to honor Tyrone, promote his message, and support high school wrestling. With an impressive Board of Directors and commitment to carry on Tyrone’s legacy, TSWWF will shine a light on his “NEVER QUIT” spirit to encourage young athletes to achieve their own success in life, both on and off the mat.

Meet the Team

Our Board of Directors is comprised of coaches, friends, wrestlers, military personnel, and family who have all had a connection with Tyrone in some way.

Cheryl Croft Bennett

Coach Roger Rolen
Vice President

Kirk Klebaum

Debbie Wilson

Coach Doug Samarron

RADM William J. McDaniel

Lieut. Mark Burley

Capt. Chad Plaisted
Communications Director

Coach Ron James