Who We Are


TSWWF was created in 2015 to provide financial assistance to Oregon youth wrestlers and wrestling programs.  Through this mission, we are focused on paying forward Tyrone’s love and passion for the sport that inspired and influenced him to become the exemplary man and warrior he was.  As a state champion in 1989, he learned values from wrestling that became an integral part of his Navy SEAL ethos that he called upon on September 11, 2012, in Benghazi, Libya, courageously fighting to defend the lives of his colleagues and Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith.  He never quit and even though he perished doing what was right, his heroic actions helped save the lives of 30 other people.  To honor him and maintain his legacy of intrepidity and valor, TSWWF emphasizes his winning spirit, his “never quit” attitude, endurance, inspiration, grit, and loyalty.  In addition to promoting wrestling achievements, we also emphasize academic excellence, community service, and an exemplary code of ethics that will help these young wrestlers find success both on and off the mat.


With several fundraising events behind us and great support from the public, we have been able to make several large donations to wrestling programs:  $3000 to Roy Pittman’s Peninsula Wrestling Club for shoes for kids, $3000 to the La Grande High School Wrestling Program for travel expenses, enabling the team to participate in the 2017 OSAA wrestling championships in Portland.  With the support of a faithful donor in Pennsylvania, pay-to-play fees were paid for a local high school wrestler that enabled him to participate last season. Funding has also been provided to individuals for out-of-state meets.   Future events, some involving the pain and sweat that Tyrone loved so much, are being discussed: 5K or 10K runs, cross-fit, swim and wrestling meets, blood drives, and/or outdoor competitions are under consideration.


Donations are accepted via PayPal or regular mail at POB 297, Oregon City, OR 97045. PayPal enables you to pay without revealing your financial information.